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Because of their semi-isolation to the west of Italy their language does not undergo the 'qu/kw' to 'p' shift that occurs across most of the West Indo-European dialects.These tribes include the Brutii, Chones, Dauni, Frentani, Hirpini, Iapyges, Itali, Latins, Lucani, Marsi, Marrucini, Messapii, Morgetes, Oenotri, Opici, Paeligni, Peucetii, Picentes, Sabini, Samnites, Umbri, Veneti, Vestini, and Volsci.Cave drawings on Sicily are created around this time, with the proto-Sicani being given credit for the work by some modern experts.Early coastal settlements can also be found, such as at Addaura (near Palermo).

Alternatively, the Sicani are the aborigines who are influenced by the arrival of later peoples, such as the Elymi and Siculi around the tenth century BC.Those in the Balkans in part cross by sea into the Italian peninsula, and settle mostly along the south-eastern coast.Those groups that have filtered down from the north Italian piedmont occupy swathes of central Italy, with two tribes, Latins and Faliscans, crossing over the Apennines to the west coast.The Apennine can be broken down into four phases, early, middle, late and a sub phase.Its pottery was a burnished blackware that was incised with patterns, usually dots, spirals or combinations of them.

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