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The ‘Other,’ the different, always tries to be hidden, rejected, minimized, etcetera.We see it constantly in the films, the soap operas, music, the mass media, not just in Cuba but also in the world,” says Mauri Villarreal, who in 2010 won the Cuban Phototheque prize in a small-format – 5×7 – contest for her collection “Los espasmos de Venus.”When the world day against homophobia – May 17 – approaches, Yanahara perceives that a heteronormative society like the Cuban one has entered a dynamics of change that favors the emergence of the queer community, already distant from “past times characterized by a highly homophobic climate.”However, the changes are slow in coming and at times show signs of zigzags.

The artist appears in it together with her couple, linked by the shoulders and the waist, with a sky full of stars in the background.

In Los hijos de Onán – a biblical character that incarnates the sin of the interruption of the coitus, although others take it as a referent of masturbation – the majority of the photos transpire an air of freedom in which the individuals float a self-affirmed identity in the face of pleasure.

For the author, that dignity or distinction, even from a certain angle of self-confidence, can be taken as a symbolic victory of those discriminated against in the face of centuries of oppression, death, abuses, stigmatizations and disdain.

They narrate risqué scenes, with a high sexual voltage with explicit genitals, poses of seduction and of offering, sensitive textures through fruits and musical instruments, or cutlery utensils for repressive or sadistic purposes over the body and psyche. I’m interested in using diverse languages that perhaps at times can be associated to porn.

Other works are short filmed performances, where the biological identity of the individual is annulled or is subverted in the face of the action’s affectations. I believe that freedom of expression is an idea that can use dissimilar visual codes, as long as you know how to say what you think with images, and that that concept be of value for the spectator.

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